Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Training Day Tour

Our CSC Training Day Tour will soon be upon us.

Online registration is now open for the courses in Newcastle (27 April):


...and Leeds (24 May):


Online registration for the Teesside day (21 June) will be going 'live' very soon.

CSC courses are aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, parents and anyone involved in school chess.

No teaching or chess playing experience is required to attend.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Delancey UK Chess Challenge Megafinals: Online Entry Now *Live*

The online entry facility for the UK Chess Challenge Megafinals is now open for business.

Click here: Megafinal Entry

Children in Primary Schools must qualify through their school tournament (our Teesside schools have either just finished or are about to finish their events). Qualifiers will receive a Golden Ticket from their schools.

If anyone missed out on qualifying through their own school or is at school that does not run the UK Chess Challenge they can still try and enter through one of the Last Chance Saloons, details of which can be found here.

Children in Secondary Schools do not need to qualify (an innovation this year).

In all cases please follow the links and read the instructions carefully.

Places at the Teesside Megafinal are limited to 150.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

CSC Training Courses: Newcastle and Leeds

The online enrolment facility for our training courses in both Newcastle and Leeds is now open.

The facility to enrol for the Teesside course will be up next.

Please click here for the full details.

Monday, 13 March 2017


Schools continue to feel a tough financial squeeze and many are forced to cut away more and more enrichment activities from their schedules.

Some of our schools are now faced with deficits of £80,000 upwards for the year ahead and are forced to pay into schemes from which they will never derive any benefit whatsoever.

Quite frankly I have never seen schools suffer such cutbacks in almost three decades.

Any individuals or businesses coming forward to help would receive plenty of publicity plus the possibility of enrichment chess sessions in their own workplace.

We are currently teaching weekly in 17 Teesside schools and are also supporting other schools on a more occasional basis. Yet the enforced cutbacks will mean we will lose some of our schools for 2017-8.

If there are any individuals or businesses out there who would like to become involved with CSC Teesside to help schools (financially) to continue their very valuable chess lessons and activities then please get in touch with me directly (a private message via our Facebook page is the easiest route). Genuine enquiries only, please.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Chess Parents in Action!

Last year Park End Primary School invited me to run a special series of Training Days for the staff.

This year we have started reaching out to the parents of the children who currently enjoy CSC curriculum sessions at the school.

The first - very brave! - set of parents were understandably a little nervous to start with. However, barriers and nerves were conquered during the very first round of pawn mini-games.

A mug of tea and a game of chess. What more could one possibly want...? 

Chess is a very serious game, of course.
I was not short of volunteers when it came to moving around the room like chess pieces.

The start of the Bishop's remarkable journey...
...and the conclusion to the diagonal-only perambulation. 
A helping hand.
A volunteer Rook, keeping on the straight and narrow.
'You should have worn my Fitbit for me while you did that', remarked one impressed observer.
Another helping hand.
The brave parents are eager for more!

The brave parents are now very keen to attend more sessions and are almost ready to challenge their children!

Thank you everyone, it was a very memorable afternoon.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

CSC Training Days Tour 2017

CSC courses are aimed at teachers, teaching assistants, parents and anyone involved in school chess. No teaching or chess playing experience is required to attend.

We have a tour of Training Days coming up very soon.

Thursday 27th April: Newcastle

Thursday 4th May: Cardiff

Wednesday 24th May: Leeds

Wednesday 21st June: Teesside

Thursday 6th July: London

For further information - and reports on previous events - please please stay tuned to this page and also head for the Training Day page.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Cognitive and Academic Skills

My good friend and colleague John Foley has just published a paper on The Effects of Chess Instruction on Pupils' Cognitive and Academic Skills: State of the Art and Theoretical Challenges.

The paper in question can be found here.